Whatz Happenin!


Being Humanitarian Planitarians 潃儭

A very interesting thought about who, what, where, when, and why. Get ready for a mind twister!

All of the beautiful beings in the world and here I am with you all.

While I have the opportunity, Ill not pass up a moment more this morning thinking how you are Being amazingly Human ! Continue reading “Being Humanitarian Planitarians 潃儭”


Can We All Pay

What does it mean to pay attention, not to tell me, not to one specific thing, but to invest attention?

What Are You Grateful For ?

Everything is about Attention!

The Time for change is overdue! Continue reading “Can We All Pay”


More Than Just A Woman

“She is vastly intriguing, you may even get scared, shes MissUnderstood and realistically so. Because shes made from a cloth you couldnt possibly know.”

The opinions of guns are vast, the idea of a woman with a gun is a good example of an opinion and the value of one.

A woman who can post a photo of herself with one of her guns confident in the history she has with then, the skill set she has being remarkable and the protection she can provide impeccable is something in a league of its own!

More Than Just A Gun

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昤he Is Querencia

We think of home, our sanctuary as a place within four walls. There is a strength inside querencia and its find in more than that place we call home.

昤trength Is Her Name

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Being Oenomel

What we are is from where we are not from what weve done or from where weve come.
One could naturally promise one thing.

Strong Sweet Oenomel

Life has its own course it seems, with 2 common and vastly different characters. Where some of us will gain strength, others will inhabit a sweeter characteristic.

I can attest to this truth on both spectrums, at very opposite ends. For much of my life I was empowered with a devout strength, unaffected by the sweet sensitivities that from where Ive come from; & from where Ive been; Sweet would not have done me much justice. As Ive journeyed through the battlefield, smoking from fire and blazes settled to find me quite maudlin. (recent word) I will admire the balance of both as I move toward the understanding of what that balance looks like. As for today,

I care sweetly and will brave life strongly!




Timeless 潃儭

What we all are is, without is time.
Time is never on our side.
Yet, also as valuable as each breath we take.
I invite you to share a moment of time with me as Ive written this with you in mind.

About Time.

About Time, What Time, My Time, Our Time, In Time, This Time, Tell Time, Time Will Tell, Given Time, End Of Time, No Time.

Where Did Time Go ? Continue reading “Timeless 潃儭”



When a being is outside of the zone, widely known as; The Comfort Zone. A place where the expectation of fitting in is enforced by having to be relatable. Locking those of us out who are deemed un-relatable, possibly a factoring cause as to why there are so many things that are old, ancient, and redone by thousands, even billions of people around the world, rarely endorsing the unusual and
un-relatable a Value. Never thinking the reason why the world is stuck and dormant might be due to this comfort zone everyone is expected to adhere to!?

The Comfort Zone Of Relatability



Pay Attention for Attention to be Paid
Attention is an investment,
The more you invest,
The more interest in Attention Repaid.

昤incerely, Miss UnderStood

穢儭 2018 VanishaBella
Whatz Happenin,
Authentic Reality

Do you believe in the possibility that a person is a resource of great surprise? Continue reading “TRUST YOURSELF, BELIEVE IN GIFTED PURPOSE 儭”


Let Me Share With You The Value Of Feet

What is it to live beyond eye level, to feel beyond what a moment or situation creates psychologically. Feeling so intensely with our physical senses that the emotional senses are discovered to be largely operated by outside influence, and take away from personal experiences?

Souls to Soul
昤oul to Soul

Feet Worthy Of Being Valued
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Word wonderful Words!

How are you Being today?
More commonly known as;
How are you doing?
Using the definition of who we are as Human Beings, relays an interest in the question that evokes personal reflection and thought from the one you are asking.

Its A Fugacious Life

Fugacious : Lasting a short time Continue reading “Word wonderful Words!”


Conversation Piece

Words evoke my poetic muse. I have always loved the passion and alive sense of expression that words bring into a conversation yes! Also into life, everyday life. General words are general and overused, without passion and excitement. Heres to the wonder of words

Words You Can Taste

Good Morning Continue reading “Conversation Piece”


(history) HiStory g

Knowledge is power.
Learn something new everyday. What ya don’t know won’t hurt ya. Hmm… Think for just a moment about what you know and what you understand of things without a solid resource for comprehension. There is a source for understanding.


HiStoryNOT HisStory Continue reading “(history) HiStory g”


Beauty’Fly ~ Vanisha’Bella

Beauty’Fly Woman Fly!

To All The Strong And Courageous Women ~ Spread Your Wings And Fly BeautyFly! ! !

Beauty’Fly Vanisha’Bella



More We UnderStand UnderStanding; The More We Become UnderStood

Have we forgotten one another, is passion and desire a thing no more?
Can we repair damage done over decades of losing ourselves in technology? Can we make an effort? Can we do it together?

Carpe Diem We are more joyful, more ambitious, more aware, perfectly delivered, defining expression, insight has become clear with constant visions, questions are followed with answers and we are all 111% Understood.

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Who Is Vanisha’Bella?

“Human beings as a species have the a Priori Capacity Of Mind To Perceive Or Experience The Numinous.
The Numinous State Of Mind or the Feeling Of The Numinous must be Evoked in us or Brought into Consciousness;

Allow me to introduce myself;

Hello I am Vanisha’Bella, my name, your name, our names are not only a reference for use to be called upon.

Our names are lyrics in a song written specifically for each and every one of us. Continue reading “Who Is Vanisha’Bella?”


Being LOVE

1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 – 2018 –
Timeline of LOVE or LOVE breaking over decades and what that looks like. What we can do to lift LOVE again. Will yall help me?

1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 – 2018 – ?

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Understanding The Meaning Of Heart & Soul 歹

Our Spirit is the Souls Heart 伐
The Souls Heartbeat
This is where Care & Love comes from.

Understanding 伐 Heart & Soul

* nu繚mi繚nous n(y)oomns/numinous Having a strong religious or spiritual quality; indicating or suggesting the
presence of a divinity. “the strange, numinous beauty of this ancient landmark” synonyms: spiritual, religious, divine,
holy, sacred; More mysterious, otherworldly, unearthly, transcendent “the numinous beauty of these ancient relics”

Vanisha’Bella has revealed Numinous Guide And Healing, along with the transformational series, Continue reading “Understanding The Meaning Of Heart & Soul 歹”



Have you ever thought about how we as being receive maudlin? How do you receive sentiment, from your lover, friends, or from a being youve never met before who shares a moment of admiration and maudlin?

I Am Certainly Maudlin

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If I Knew then

Of the 13 beings who passed away within a
17 month spec of time; My Momma was the 1st to pass on, December 23 2003, and the end of myself as I knew me.

Youve heard the term,
If I knew then, what I know now

If I Knew Then, Continue reading “If I Knew then”


1111 What Does Vanisha Mean?

1111 has profound purpose and meaning to me, and for me. Born 1/11 Birth Time 1:11 pm
The number one surrounds my very existence! Follow the link read about 1111 and you very own profile! Enjoy


Birthday 1/11 Birth Time 1:11 pm

Manifest * Manifesting * Manifested


Endorsing Reality

What is Reality? Have you ever really thought about it? What about the authenticity of Reality? Lets talk about it.

Enforcing Reality

Reality is transparent and lacking the value of worthy discovery.
Authenticity validates Reality When Understanding becomes what one seeks. The reality that everything we know ends on the last page of every book. Knowledge is temporary, always changing. Understanding is revolutionizing authentic, real.
Authenticity Really is my gift.
Understanding is yours


Whatz The Word?

I implore thought please, think of what you’re going to say. Regardless of what it might be, our opinions and comments are proof of how much or how little we value one another.

The Gift Of Understanding

Indoctrinate yourself with a new word everyday.

If You begins to use these extraordinary new words when speaking simply because they define what you want to say with such perfect sentiment that you become more inspired yourself.

Remember. When people ask Why do you use words to intentionally make people feel stupid

You may at the point feel like you have developed the best WTF HUH Are You Serious Right Now Face OF YOUR LIFETIME!



I implore thought please, think of what you’re going to say. Regardless of what it might be, our opinions and comments are proof of how much or how little we value one another.

There are so many different reasons as to why things are done, said, spoken, shared, put into practice or use,

Could come to find out, the truth behind something that you passed harsh judgement upon, in light you to inspire you!

We are all connected.

Now we just need to remember that, so we are carful not to hurt one anther.

Rise up and stand for bringing out the best in each other.

Without each other; what do we have!

Caring to Love You! 潃儭



20/20 Vision

Have you ever experienced a space in time when there is an aligning. A new real reality, the same in the honor of yesterday’s truth, yet different? Disclosure being the clarity and sensible understanding in all of (that) it.

* Blind *
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Hello, I’m your sister

Grant me a humble introduction;

A gift, A plethora of cascading multipoints. An energetically rooted experience throughout & within (a life) an unfolding what has revealed her; A Goddess in her own right. Continue reading “Hello, I’m your sister”


With gratitude, waiting for sunrise…..

In deep thoughtful gratitude, I’m smiling about how each and every one of us are brothers and sisters. I Love You!

* Uni'Verse'All Noor *
UniVerseCity SLC

It’s An Extraordinary Morning! Continue reading “With gratitude, waiting for sunrise…..”


1st Go * 2nd Go * 3rd, NO GO !

Let’s discuss what an “Apology” should look like, how it should be received, where and where an apology becomes necessary, the way it’s delivered and how the common apology as we know it is widely known by most as “I’m Sorry”.

The thrill & excitement of a, , , , , , , , , , , , “New Relationship/Friendship”

Giving chances, how many is to many?

  • 1 is a no brainer
  • 2 yes
  • 3 Na Nope No go

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Me & Myself

Have you ever given much thought about the details involved in what You understand of Yourself ? There are 2 very separate entities within each of us. You and Yourselves;
And, Me and Myself.
This blog entry touches on and small piece of what the discovery of Self brings.
I hope You enjoy Yourself !
If You find You would like to further indulge your curiosity, call me at, (801)-661-8823 for a 20min Enlightenment Call.

星ersonal Reflection


  • I spend time with myself
  • “I choose to be first every morning to greet myself
  • I fall into my daily hugs embrace, recalling to care for and love myself
  • I invest Attention to Know Myself
  • I Gain Reflection from Understanding Myself
  • Invest in my principal,
  • Living off my interest.
  • Remember to calculate the value of your interest!
  • Invest in Yourself * “You will be grateful !
  • 穢儭 2018 All Rights Reserved * Vanisha’Bella * Whatz Happenin * Authentic Reality


    THEN was yesterday * TODAY is Hi’Story

    Yesterday. Pre-Alignment
    Prepared, and Released

    I’ve been thinking. “If you understand what that means “my thinking” Please… read along…..

    Up until 3 weeks ago, I had no idea how serious the vast amount of “knowledge” I hadlacked for having much “understanding if really, any; in the way of the Authentic Wholeness, Involving; * “Being in Alignment ; 3 weeks ago, to me was, a far off typeTHING”. ~ Until only 3 days ago (just noticed the #3) Like all events I experience, I was delivered.“BOOM, pREPARE FOR lANDING, YOUHavE ARrIVeD; Here I am falling into Alignmentgetting comfortable/ finding the comforts within my human senses and form. Iside my Being I am small, and coming to, like as if I had been in space without my body, only Numinous Spirit and Deep Roots Connected to my Soul;! What this is Being HERE; Where I have been unfamiliar as a possible place for my days of Alignment.

    TOLD MANY TIMES; “Everything will fall in perfectly when you reach that state of “finally aligned”Here,Prepared to Assume My Positionof Purpose,Seeing the authenticity in something by me, ever even imagined to understand. *******“Being” *** HERE. Is a miracle. When Alignment Is Cascading Through The Veins Like A Transfusion. Being HERE. This is AMiracle.

    That first sight of, “MINE, BEING” * within * “BEING HUMAN” **”HERE”**

    *** {I AM “MYauthentic reality” }

    “BEING” Allowed THE; seeing of what “BEING” is within Alignment looks like, is only part of what I am taking from what is from within, coming in, etc…..
    From where I’ve been. From 3 days ago where I was. @ 2 days pre alignment.Yesterday was exactly, (from being here. Now.) that. forever my recalling my, Yesterdays Sunday; Day Pre Aligned. {monday}’sHERE;——————- with you, being human, we are human’unity = (my current situation) :

    “From birth up to a week before today, I had not been introduced into my body. . . . I will grow into myself while with ALL of you, sharing as I receive.
    I’ve never, been grounded within my human body.
    I’ve only lived outside of the realm of “Human”.

    • Will you considera part of youcoming along toexperience,OTHERWORLDNESS Iam unfolded into thinking. …… to think is new. for me. {today}.. . . . . . . . . . Ithinkwhat best foris {the term of thought and process} in the way of us,

    “BEING” +“HUMAN”

    • Uni
    • You
    • Us
    • Me &My approach, thinking, pondering >>>>>> on how & what you feel, by what direct truth evokes by the reality of“a considerate thought of your feelings”
    • Feelings : A human process I’ve never battled with
    • Fear : I have not felt
    • Confusion : No, that either
    • Heartbreak : Not even when my family was a part of THEtragedy. ANECESSARY experience for me.
    • I have not experienced my “HUMAN” form as you know it
    • Feelings, (as of tonight) are still NUMINOUS

    My experience is MUCH and MORE tragedy than perhaps can be imagined. (more devastatingthan within the deepest darkest ghetto)
    Born to experience the levels of torture, torment, tragedy, death, passing, life, mafia, stradegy, things unspeakable, things you can not imagine, or would want to be told nor have painted to createsight left able to see, I’d not ever share out of respect for the purity in those who know not of these cracks along the obstacle course, I was ALLOWED to conquer. Designed to force me out of my human form, leading me with unnatural gifted faith, to depend on the only strength strong enough.

    All That Is Numinous. So,…..I called out in unfailing faith.

    1. While a Human Little Girl
    2. While Being Sad
    3. While Afraid
    4. Deeply Hurt
    5. FiercelyAngry
    6. DevastatinglyHungry
    7. Neglected = Abandoned


    My unnatural gift of faith pulled me up and out into a life of vigorous training,

    1. Delivered Me To where I am
    2. What is happening now
    3. Here, I am, moved in getting settled in alignment
    4. With Numinous Blessing
    5. In Human Experience

    Here is the Kicker.

    Looking Forward BIG TIME!

    穢儭2018 All Rights Reserved*VanishaBella*Authentic Reality*Whatz Happenin



    Have you ever looked up the definition of Universe? The definition itself is EXTRAORDINARY.
    Even more excellent that the basic definition is the defined understanding of our connection to the UniVerse!

    潃儭 Definition of Universe

    • 1 : the whole body of things and phenomena observed or postulated : cosmos: such as
    • a : a systematic whole held to arise by and persist through the direct intervention of divine power
    • b : the world of human experience
    • c (1) : the entire celestial cosmos (2) : milky way galaxy
    • (3) : especially referring to humanity
    Numinous UniVerse Continue reading “柿niVerse”

    星latform (Poetry by VanishaBella)

    Poetry by VanishaBella Platform
    This is a piece written in 2015. A time with much writing, discovery, healing recovery from a woman coming through the passing of her family, into the beginning stage of my being reincarnated in life, this life. I came flowering through. I hope you enjoy.


    Look but don’t let the light Burn your eyes, while looking to see what out Of it derives.You’ll see me come from a New dawning day, walking along the sun built Path, of cobblestone beams of sunshine. Continue reading “星latform (Poetry by VanishaBella)”


    Are you going through some things儭

    Are you Going Through It ? Here is a way that may help with the challenge of It.

    Pay In invest Attention, receive Interest!

    Celebrating the great reward when we have gone through it with a champion mindset, while setting intention during intense tribulations to; COME THROUGH IT not getting stuck in a GOING THROUGH IT mindset! 仄賤儭

    穢儭 2018 Quotes by Vanisha’Bella

    Bella the BOLD



    Reflection is not something that most of us understand in its full measure.
    Image is what is generally a universal description of personal depiction.
    We look in the mirror not to greet ourselves with kind recognition, but instead to check our appearance, to claim “a bad hair day”
    something we’re all guilty of.

    Reflection is not something that most of us understand in its full measure.
    Image is what is generally a universal description of personal depiction.
    We look in the mirror not to greet ourselves with kind recognition, but instead to check our appearance, to claim “a bad hair day”
    something we’re all guilty of.
    Continue reading “I SEE “YOU” NEED to get CONTROL of ‘YOURSELF” !”


    10/13/18 Saturn Saturday

    The best time to connect energetically with SATURN is on SATURDAYS


    Saturn is the planet of Karma. Continue reading “10/13/18 Saturn Saturday”


    Are you an Image or Reflection?

    “You will Understand where you’re going, only if you understand where you’ve been.”

    “You will Understand where you’re going, only if you understand where you’ve been.”

    Continue reading “Are you an Image or Reflection?”


    1:11 TIME (poetry by Bella)

    Poetry By Bella,
    This piece is about time.
    Written 2003



    Life seems to allow time to carry us on a constant pace,

    Pushing forward we go with it,

    Finding ourselves in a loss of,

    24 Hours gone, exchanged,

    For more time. Continue reading “1:11 TIME (poetry by Bella)”


    昧uminous Guide And Healing Series

    Numinous Guide And Healing is a 5 part series that awakens the parts of the being that has been unconscious & unsourced, due to being unaware of being locked out of your very own UniVerseAll power source!

    Numinous Guide And Healing is a 5 part series that awakens the parts of the being that has been unconscious & unsourced, due to being unaware of being locked out of your very own UniVerseAll power source! Continue reading “昧uminous Guide And Healing Series”

    Inner web vs 施nner weaving

    Now hear this

    What about; The world online?

    We see ourselves connected deep; into electronics Inner Web.
    What does that mean in reference to earths population as a whole?
    Where do we inner weave, and how often?

    I am on a dating site and was asked; “Are you having any luck?”

    My Response ~mood nwas


    With everything in life; 
    IIt will happen.

    Time prepares a place and space for itself.
    The only hand we have in anything is to be ready for whatever that might be, we desire.

    And who knows what the day might deliver, 
    its only 1:57.
    Not to mention, Ive yet to speak to you!
    Are you who I desire to enjoy?
    Upon being enjoyable, I am top shelf,
    and still, with these qualities I might not be what you choose.

    I believe one of the most interfering blocks between beings connecting, is this inner web expectation; Must make an impression inner web before the authenticity of reality is even considered. I find that challenging myself because energetic inner weaving is where reality is endorsed by authenticity. 

    Inner web vs inner weaving 

    What are you thoughts?