Conversation Piece

Words evoke my poetic muse. I have always loved the passion and alive sense of expression that words bring into a conversation yes! Also into life, everyday life. General words are general and overused, without passion and excitement. Here’s to the wonder of words 📝

Words You Can Taste 👅

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“If I Knew then”

Of the 13 beings who passed away within a
17 month spec of time; My Momma was the 1st to pass on, December 23 2003, and the end of myself as I knew me.

You’ve heard the term,
“If I knew then, what I know now”

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How Do You Come Up With All This Stuff ⁉️

That moment in time when I understood that I was a conduit and have little to do with anything the comes through me. “AWE”!

Uni + Bella Forever ❤️⭕️

Uni + Bella Forever ❤️

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🌬Platform (Poetry by Vanisha’Bella)

Poetry by Vanisha’Bella 📚 “Platform”
This is a piece written in 2015. A time with much writing, discovery, healing recovery from a woman coming through the passing of her family, into the beginning stage of my being reincarnated in life, “this life”. I came flowering through. I hope you enjoy. 🦋


Look but don’t let the light Burn your eyes, while looking to see what out Of it derives.  You’ll see me come from a New dawning day, walking along the sun built Path, of cobblestone beams of sunshine. Continue reading “🌬Platform (Poetry by Vanisha’Bella)”

🌬oh, Mind You

Poetry by Vanisha’Bella ~ I wrote this poem 5 years after my family passed and I came to see and understand about death, passing in, through, and over. When those who are near and dear to us, the heaviness we feel,
is when the spirit of our loved one who passed, passes into us. Leaving all their wisdom, strength, power, glory, and love. After receiving, their spirit passes over. 🙏🏼enjoy

🌬oh, Mind You

0h mind you I’ve traveled afar From a place, I can recall, Yet seems, unattainable, UnretainableThe thought of merely thinking Of thinking to think, such a Journey leaves bold men the Weaker, and the super less the Hero. So far back on roads traveled While eyes masked tight shut, That the only way of recalling, Is to walk through the gut. The sour taste stains the roof Of my mouth, the stench  Of death rotting,  I am dead let me out.  Continue reading “🌬oh, Mind You”