Inner web vs 施nner weaving

Now hear this

What about; The world online?

We see ourselves connected deep; into electronics Inner Web.
What does that mean in reference to earths population as a whole?
Where do we inner weave, and how often?


I am on a dating site and was asked; “Are you having any luck?”

My Response ~mood nwas


With everything in life; 
IIt will happen.

Time prepares a place and space for itself.
The only hand we have in anything is to be ready for whatever that might be, we desire.

And who knows what the day might deliver, 
its only 1:57.
Not to mention, Ive yet to speak to you!
Are you who I desire to enjoy?
Upon being enjoyable, I am top shelf,
and still, with these qualities I might not be what you choose.

I believe one of the most interfering blocks between beings connecting, is this inner web expectation; Must make an impression inner web before the authenticity of reality is even considered. I find that challenging myself because energetic inner weaving is where reality is endorsed by authenticity. 

Inner web vs inner weaving 

What are you thoughts?


Being Oenomel

What we are is from where we are not from what weve done or from where weve come.
One could naturally promise one thing.

Strong Sweet Oenomel

Life has its own course it seems, with 2 common and vastly different characters. Where some of us will gain strength, others will inhabit a sweeter characteristic.

I can attest to this truth on both spectrums, at very opposite ends. For much of my life I was empowered with a devout strength, unaffected by the sweet sensitivities that from where Ive come from; & from where Ive been; Sweet would not have done me much justice. As Ive journeyed through the battlefield, smoking from fire and blazes settled to find me quite maudlin. (recent word) I will admire the balance of both as I move toward the understanding of what that balance looks like. As for today,

I care sweetly and will brave life strongly!



Word wonderful Words!

How are you Being today?
More commonly known as;
How are you doing?
Using the definition of who we are as Human Beings, relays an interest in the question that evokes personal reflection and thought from the one you are asking.

Its A Fugacious Life

Fugacious : Lasting a short time Continue reading “Word wonderful Words!”


Have you ever thought about how we as being receive maudlin? How do you receive sentiment, from your lover, friends, or from a being youve never met before who shares a moment of admiration and maudlin?

I Am Certainly Maudlin

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