Bradley Powell

I met Vanisha’Bella in 2012.
I was at that point in a very challenging place in my life,
and here she comes driving down the parking lot of the apartments we both lived in, running out of gas, right in the middle of the lot!
I was drawn to her, not only to help, but because she has an energy that is a pulling force.
So, I pushed her car into a park spot and went to get her gas, from that point forward she was a friend, angel, and inspirational guide like no one I’ve ever met.
I was making choices that were not good. She spent many days, and hours raising my personal standards and outlook within myself with her one of a kind way about the way she word life.
No matter what in the world she and her family may need, I’m there.
Today her guidance and inspiration has lead me to a clear mind and successful career path. Vanisha’Bella is my angel!

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