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I am (Bella) Vanisha’Bella. I offer only what I receive. Extraordinary thing is, what I receive is all for you!
Numinous Guide And Healing Platform is the Uni’Verse :
Uni : Universe rooted
Verse : Connection allows the gift of understanding. Becoming an open conduit. Receiving the Verse

Numinous Guide And Healing 5 part series.
Have you read “the” books, attended “the” retreats, sat in “the” seminars,
and ever thought “I want to simply understand how this person really has
enlightenment!? Let me introduce, Vanisha’Bella!!
She receives to give the gift of UNDERSTANDING.
You were born infused by energy, from within the (inner soul’ar) womb.
In this 5 part series you will gain freedom, reflection, clearity and the
most valuable part of this connection is, planting your roots directly into
the Uni~Verse. Uni Rooted you become a conduit and will begin to receive
“The Verse”, your purpose for (your). You will become a filter of new
opportunities, without even thinking!
The Uni’Verse’City Of Numinous Guide And Healing is offered nationwide.
The Numinous Platform is “Uni’Verse” 5 sessions :
1) Uni’Verse’ All ~ You are all in, all open to believe allow and receive.
2) Uni’FYI ~ You will receive all the information needed to understand.
3) Uni’Fied ~ Information becomes Understanding
4) Uni’Verse ~ Uni Roots have been set, you have begun to receive “Verses”
5) Uni’Verse’City ~ Healing Session with Bella.
You will receive a certificate of recognition from Numinous Guide And Healing
Uni’Verse’City, representing your City and State.
Vanisha’Bella’s Uni’Verse’City is online,
“No one is left without the opportunity to forge the way into the realm of
experience and understanding beyond mere knowledge”. !
Authentic Reality Awaits Call NOW!

Let’s go beyond beyond knowledge.
Offering, Understanding.
Understand how to strengthen, inspire, reform, enlighten, and bring a new exiting authentic reality to the world.
There are many testimonial series, both one on one client, family, and group.

From root, to branches stretching, reaching even the furthest parts of geography, evolving into the reflection of divine Uni’Verse working together.

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