More We Under’Stand Under’Standing; The More We Become Under’Stood 💭

Have we forgotten one another, is passion and desire a thing no more?
Can we repair damage done over decades of losing ourselves in technology? Can we make an effort? Can we do it together?


Carpe Diem 🌻🕉♎♌🗝 We are more joyful, more ambitious, more aware, perfectly delivered, defining expression, insight has become clear with constant visions, questions are followed with answers and we are all 111% Understood.

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Who Is Vanisha’Bella?

“Human beings as a species have the a Priori Capacity Of Mind To Perceive Or Experience The Numinous.
The Numinous State Of Mind or the Feeling Of The Numinous must be Evoked in us or Brought into Consciousness;

Allow me to introduce myself;

Hello I am Vanisha’Bella, my name, your name, our names are not only a reference for use to be called upon.

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Understanding The Meaning Of Heart & Soul ❤️

Our Spirit is the Souls Heart ♥️
The Souls Heartbeat 💗
This is where Care & Love comes from.

Understanding ♥️ Heart & Soul

* nu·mi·nous ˈn(y)o͞omənəs/numinous Having a strong religious or spiritual quality; indicating or suggesting the
presence of a divinity. “the strange, numinous beauty of this ancient landmark” synonyms: spiritual, religious, divine,
holy, sacred; More mysterious, otherworldly, unearthly, transcendent “the numinous beauty of these ancient relics”

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1111 What Does Vanisha Mean?

1111 has profound purpose and meaning to me, and for me. Born 1/11 Birth Time 1:11 pm
The number one surrounds my very existence! Follow the link read about 1111 and you very own profile! Enjoy

Birthday 1/11 Birth Time 1:11 pm

Manifest * Manifesting * Manifested