Conversation Piece

Words evoke my poetic muse. I have always loved the passion and alive sense of expression that words bring into a conversation yes! Also into life, everyday life. General words are general and overused, without passion and excitement. Here’s to the wonder of words 📝

Words You Can Taste 👅

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“If I Knew then”

Of the 13 beings who passed away within a
17 month spec of time; My Momma was the 1st to pass on, December 23 2003, and the end of myself as I knew me.

You’ve heard the term,
“If I knew then, what I know now”

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20/20 Vision

Have you ever experienced a space in time when there is an aligning. A new real reality, the same in the honor of yesterday’s truth, yet different? Disclosure being the clarity and sensible understanding in all of (that) it.

* Blind *
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Family ⭕️

Poetry is where a poet is expressed in one of the truest & deepest forms!
Here is a gift for you about family and the strength from which we come from.
Where we should anyway.

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How Do You Come Up With All This Stuff ⁉️

That moment in time when I understood that I was a conduit and have little to do with anything the comes through me. “AWE”!

Uni + Bella Forever ❤️⭕️

Uni + Bella Forever ❤️

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🌬Platform (Poetry by Vanisha’Bella)

Poetry by Vanisha’Bella 📚 “Platform”
This is a piece written in 2015. A time with much writing, discovery, healing recovery from a woman coming through the passing of her family, into the beginning stage of my being reincarnated in life, “this life”. I came flowering through. I hope you enjoy. 🦋


Look but don’t let the light Burn your eyes, while looking to see what out Of it derives.  You’ll see me come from a New dawning day, walking along the sun built Path, of cobblestone beams of sunshine. Continue reading “🌬Platform (Poetry by Vanisha’Bella)”