Being Humanitarian Planitarians 潃儭

A very interesting thought about who, what, where, when, and why. Get ready for a mind twister!


All of the beautiful beings in the world and here I am with you all.

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More Than Just A Woman

“She is vastly intriguing, you may even get scared, shes MissUnderstood and realistically so. Because shes made from a cloth you couldnt possibly know.”

The opinions of guns are vast, the idea of a woman with a gun is a good example of an opinion and the value of one.

A woman who can post a photo of herself with one of her guns confident in the history she has with then, the skill set she has being remarkable and the protection she can provide impeccable is something in a league of its own!

More Than Just A Gun

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昤he Is Querencia

We think of home, our sanctuary as a place within four walls. There is a strength inside querencia and its find in more than that place we call home.

昤trength Is Her Name

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Timeless 潃儭

What we all are is, without is time.
Time is never on our side.
Yet, also as valuable as each breath we take.
I invite you to share a moment of time with me as Ive written this with you in mind.

About Time.

About Time, What Time, My Time, Our Time, In Time, This Time, Tell Time, Time Will Tell, Given Time, End Of Time, No Time.

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