Moment In My Shoes

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We can all be helpful to one another in so many ways. Heres an idea that would not only be helpful, but bring us together.


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Being Oenomel

What we are is from where we are not from what weve done or from where weve come.
One could naturally promise one thing.

Strong Sweet Oenomel

Life has its own course it seems, with 2 common and vastly different characters. Where some of us will gain strength, others will inhabit a sweeter characteristic.

I can attest to this truth on both spectrums, at very opposite ends. For much of my life I was empowered with a devout strength, unaffected by the sweet sensitivities that from where Ive come from; & from where Ive been; Sweet would not have done me much justice. As Ive journeyed through the battlefield, smoking from fire and blazes settled to find me quite maudlin. (recent word) I will admire the balance of both as I move toward the understanding of what that balance looks like. As for today,

I care sweetly and will brave life strongly!



Timeless 潃儭

What we all are is, without is time.
Time is never on our side.
Yet, also as valuable as each breath we take.
I invite you to share a moment of time with me as Ive written this with you in mind.

About Time.

About Time, What Time, My Time, Our Time, In Time, This Time, Tell Time, Time Will Tell, Given Time, End Of Time, No Time.

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When a being is outside of the zone, widely known as; The Comfort Zone. A place where the expectation of fitting in is enforced by having to be relatable. Locking those of us out who are deemed un-relatable, possibly a factoring cause as to why there are so many things that are old, ancient, and redone by thousands, even billions of people around the world, rarely endorsing the unusual and
un-relatable a Value. Never thinking the reason why the world is stuck and dormant might be due to this comfort zone everyone is expected to adhere to!?

The Comfort Zone Of Relatability