More Than Just A Woman

“She is vastly intriguing, you may even get scared, shes MissUnderstood and realistically so. Because shes made from a cloth you couldnt possibly know.”

The opinions of guns are vast, the idea of a woman with a gun is a good example of an opinion and the value of one.

A woman who can post a photo of herself with one of her guns confident in the history she has with then, the skill set she has being remarkable and the protection she can provide impeccable is something in a league of its own!


More Than Just A Gun

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Pay Attention for Attention to be Paid
Attention is an investment,
The more you invest,
The more interest in Attention Repaid.

昤incerely, Miss UnderStood

穢儭 2018 VanishaBella
Whatz Happenin,
Authentic Reality

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1111 What Does Vanisha Mean?

1111 has profound purpose and meaning to me, and for me. Born 1/11 Birth Time 1:11 pm
The number one surrounds my very existence! Follow the link read about 1111 and you very own profile! Enjoy

Birthday 1/11 Birth Time 1:11 pm

Manifest * Manifesting * Manifested

Me & Myself

Have you ever given much thought about the details involved in what You understand of Yourself ? There are 2 very separate entities within each of us. You and Yourselves;
And, Me and Myself.
This blog entry touches on and small piece of what the discovery of Self brings.
I hope You enjoy Yourself !
If You find You would like to further indulge your curiosity, call me at, (801)-661-8823 for a 20min Enlightenment Call.

星ersonal Reflection


  • I spend time with myself
  • “I choose to be first every morning to greet myself
  • I fall into my daily hugs embrace, recalling to care for and love myself
  • I invest Attention to Know Myself
  • I Gain Reflection from Understanding Myself
  • Invest in my principal,
  • Living off my interest.
  • Remember to calculate the value of your interest!
  • Invest in Yourself * “You will be grateful !
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