More Than Just A Woman

More Than Just A Gun 🔫

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Being Oenomel 🎭

Strong Sweet Oenomel

Life has its own course it seems, with 2 common and vastly different characters. Where some of us will gain strength, others will inhabit a sweeter characteristic.

I can attest to this truth on both spectrums, at very opposite ends. For much of my life I was empowered with a devout strength, unaffected by the sweet sensitivities that  from where I’ve come from; & from where I’ve been; Sweet would not have done me much justice. As I’ve journeyed through the battlefield, smoking from fire and blazes settled to find me quite “maudlin.” (recent word) I will admire the balance of both as I move toward the understanding of what that balance looks like. As for today,

I care sweetly and will brave life strongly!


Vanisha’Bella  12/11/18