We Are Bella Uni’Verse

© 2017,2018 Vanisha'Bella All Right Reserved Bella Uni'Verse Numinous Guide And Healing Authentic Reality

You Are A gift, A plethora of cascading multipoints. Born from the energetically rooted experience, throughout & within LIFE unfolds us, we are the glory of Gods & Goddesses in our own right. Empowered and infused with strength.    WE are Truly gifted, born with a hunger for indoctrinated design. Clear understanding was generated from within (the womb) the soul, an etched secret, shared by only (my/your) “Self” and all the greater forces that allow the glory of Gods & Goddesses, we are to be chosen for success; Many lives within this one. In unfailing gratitude we have been tragically carried through torment into the testimony of total triumph! (Unfolded Onto A Foundation) rooted into the center core of awesomeness! Choose not a path. Stand upon your foundation, teach from your platform of spirituality. You are Uni’Verse !           

© 2017,2018 Vanisha’Bella All Right Reserved Bella Uni’Verse Numinous Guide And Healing Authentic Reality

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