If I told you there is a way to conquer “Fear” would you give it a shot? Take a look and Take a chance! I believe ✅

Fearless ‼️ 🧠 [/[/

A vast percentage of humanity living upon our beautiful planet earth, are living in “FEAR” of one thing or another. I would like to make an inspirational suggestion that will be of great value as long as you keep at it. This refocusing will take devotion and time, but will lead you to a successful outcome.

What you will need :

  • 1 journal or notebook
  • Writing pen
  • Pay attention/Set intention

Begin reprogramming a life without “FEAR” :

  • In your journal/notebook write (1) one “FEAR” for the (7) day week
  • Week 1 all 7 days conquer (work on) one fear only

Waking in the Morning(s) :

  • Wake up (instead of) Get up
  • Before getting out of bed think of the “FEAR” (word) written in you journal the night before. (use one word if possible)
  • Visualize the “FEAR” you want to conquer within mind; As an active thought process for elimination‭

Now you have set intention and are ready to sit up. Before we move on from here, I want to explore the souls of your feet, what that has to play into conquering your “FEAR”.

“Souls Of Feet” :

You have 2 Feet, therefore 2 Souls connecting to the energetic bounty of Uni’Verse’All power beneath every step you take. If that isn’t exciting enough; At the point of having set visual intention, you are ready to place attention on the souls of your feet while getting out of bed; One foot on the floor at a time,

  • Right Foot Down on the floor Speak (your fear) Out Loud,

I will not live in “FEAR” of ______________!

  • Left Foot Down on the floor Speak (your fear) Out Loud,

I will not live in “FEAR” of _______________!

  • With both souls of your feet on the (floor) ground, with each step you take to your first room, bathroom, kitchen etc. speak out loud conquering that fear!

Do your best to “Pay Attention” to your steps throughout the day, repeating the, one step/speak/conquer process.

Repeating this daily for a week, starting with the first “Fear” on your list and sticking to that one all week.

Week 1 Conquering “Fear” :

  1. Monday (fear to conquer) all week
  2.  Tuesday
  3.  Wednesday
  4.  Thursday
  5.  Friday
  6.  Saturday
  7. Sunday

Repeat Week 2 “Fear”, and so on.

  • I am holding space for all humanity!
  • I believe in you!
  • If you have any questions I have chat on my website or email me!

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Author: Vanisha'Bella

Vanisha’Bella Izzarelli is a dynamic coach that inspires her clients to discover their own authentic reality. She guides them on a journey of acceptance, appreciation, and true peace using techniques that she has perfected over her own personal path and through years of mentoring. As a widow who survived the passing of several family members in a very short time period, Vanisha’Bella understands the realities of enduring true tragedy in life and then embracing the light beyond that. Her experiences have lead her to reach into the hardest parts of her clients’ experiences with true empathy. She is particularly skilled at deconstructing false walls and helping people move past their unhealthy defense mechanisms to embrace their (authentic reality) true self. To do this she developed a unique mirror image technique that guides clients to discovering, accepting, and embracing their whole self.

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