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Reality :
* The world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or national idea of them.
* The state or quality of having existence or substance.

Reality * The world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or national idea of them. * The state or quality of having existence or substance.Reflecting 111

  • Vanisha’Bella : 111 1111 energy conduit.
  • Birth Date : 1/11
  • Birth Time : 1:11 pm
  • I am NOT a Source of Understanding,
  • I am a ReSource of Understanding,
  • as well as indoctrinated knowledge.
  • What you can expect to gain from a session with me?
  • (suigeneris) A new, one of a kind perspective.
  • Resource with a purpose.

Together we are (humanity) Human’Unity Uni’Verse.

  • Uni‘ = The connection to all power
  • Verse = song, life story/purpose received as a conduit
  • Uni’Verse = The most valuable connection available.


  • I can set up a blind date for any one who might be interested in a Uni’Verse’All soul mate.
  • Kissed by the (universe) Uni, n sometimes we make out!
  • Do you want this kind of connection?

Reflecting 111

  • This is an 5 session 2 month series, that will give you all the answers to any scepticism, or questions you may be having, related to the authenticity of this awesomeness!
  • You ready for a game changer?!
  • Want to understand what you know?!

Do you believe?!

  • The 111 1111 (portal) energy field is an extraordinarily powerful, manifestation source available for everyone.
  • Schedule a 20 Enlightenment Call, booking calendar on my website !
  • This go’s for everyone, everywhere.
  • Skype, Via Ph.
  • No one left behind !

Looking Forward 🔮🙏 Bella the BOLD

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Author: Vanisha'Bella

Vanisha’Bella Izzarelli is a dynamic coach that inspires her clients to discover their own authentic reality. She guides them on a journey of acceptance, appreciation, and true peace using techniques that she has perfected over her own personal path and through years of mentoring. As a widow who survived the passing of several family members in a very short time period, Vanisha’Bella understands the realities of enduring true tragedy in life and then embracing the light beyond that. Her experiences have lead her to reach into the hardest parts of her clients’ experiences with true empathy. She is particularly skilled at deconstructing false walls and helping people move past their unhealthy defense mechanisms to embrace their (authentic reality) true self. To do this she developed a unique mirror image technique that guides clients to discovering, accepting, and embracing their whole self.

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