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I’ve never been one for costumesI always reflect exactly who I am. 

Media’s (LIES) idea of a witch is ridiculous!

Media’s distorted idea of a witch is ridiculous.

It’s comparable to the media made minds of Americans. Constructed upon lies and confusion, formulated upon an educational system built to conform and control. Yes, I possess a vastly deep, Earth Air Fire and Water, North South East and West, All Dimensional, 111% connected. gifted blessed ability to cast spells in a wide range of “only” positive & natural, evoking manifestation for purpose and my gifts.

I am Numinous. All dimensional. Connected to everything. God, Goddess Of earth, all the forces of nature, and Jesus is my personal companion and guide. Yes on a live and personal level. 

You may be Clairvoyant, Psychic, Septo Voyant etc. 2D 3D 4D 5th Dimensional, Study a type witchcraft or Religion. A type of Healer. The many types of things that so many do and practice; I believe in you! I do not judge you! Blessing are real, The Gifted, have gifts. Anyone who is authentic, unaffected by the dysfunctions of others and the world (on a personal level) I endorse 111% ! If there are hypocritical unaligned energies within your personal life; Again, I do not judge you. The only thing I can tell you that upsets those with these interferences, is when I’m asked to do a trade and I deny the offer; 1st) I don’t do trades. 2nd) There are things in your life that does not align. 3rd) I am yet to meet someone to receive energy from, that I am not already receiving through Being Uni connected.  I am no “master” or “leader” or “guru” or “prophet”. I am Numinous blessed & gifted all dimensional wide open, always receiving conduit * offering, understanding, vision, truth, care & attention to those who come seeking, and the few I am lead to extend on an, urgent need to share basis. “in this case, the “being” is also chosen and time has come to present the choice by options, one leading to transcendence.”  Sadly, the few I am moved to approach directlyare living a lie and prove to not believe in themselves, not to mention in the authentic reality of miracles. 

ON a LOOP ~  I didn’t ask for the great gifted purpose, to reveal understanding and truth amongst the world. (with attention to) America. Most are terrified of the truth. So much fear that the truth has become offensive, intrusive, and rude. If  you are offended by the reference to “you” that is only because these amazing things I share (with care & truth) apply to, “YOU”! Choose to be grateful instead, de-conform and re-confirm “YOUR” all connected, all powerful “BEING” you were designed to “BE”!   OR…  Choose to use being offended to condemn.  OK… just….  tell me? * ARE YOU KIDDIN ME !

I have a ☀️  SunDay light to shine upon you.

Pay attention to WHO you choose to exchange their energy. (the batterer, broken, depressed, abused, judgemental, codependent, false proclaiming, insecure, obese, alcoholic,  promiscuous, etc.)   Is this the type of energy you want to receive, Or trust mentoring you/your children, performing reiki on you while the toxins leak through, leaving toxic deposits within your spirit? I have been told that I am unrelatable because when my fairytale husband passed away I have not welcomed intruding advances from men; Who I can see are just. NOT for me. I get to see beyond knowing, gifted with a celestial flow of  defined understanding, a beautiful and tragic cascading; That NEVER STOPS.  

* Bella The Bold


Sincerely, Miss’Understood 

©️ 2018 All Rights Reserved Vanisha’Bella Authentic Reality It’s Whatz Happenin 

No Costumes Here *
p.s. witches are beautiful and righteous when the gift is pure.

Author: Vanisha'Bella

Vanisha’Bella Izzarelli is a dynamic coach that inspires her clients to discover their own authentic reality. She guides them on a journey of acceptance, appreciation, and true peace using techniques that she has perfected over her own personal path and through years of mentoring. As a widow who survived the passing of several family members in a very short time period, Vanisha’Bella understands the realities of enduring true tragedy in life and then embracing the light beyond that. Her experiences have lead her to reach into the hardest parts of her clients’ experiences with true empathy. She is particularly skilled at deconstructing false walls and helping people move past their unhealthy defense mechanisms to embrace their (authentic reality) true self. To do this she developed a unique mirror image technique that guides clients to discovering, accepting, and embracing their whole self.

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