While Being Human…..

“I don’t know much, but I understand a lot”.


This video is a glimpse into what happens to me when I am stripped of the blessed strength by all dimensional power sources I am generally blessed with, and I am left “Being” 100% “Human” 100% Human “Being”.Often, on days like these, speaking is challenging, feeling is overwhelming, (because I feel it all.) If you know much about me you’ll understand that is a lot of deep feeling, in a desperate need to see/talk to my momma, my daddy,;My whole damn family and can’t. My “Being” unfamiliar of any type of normality in, waving emotions. These times are what contain me as humble, feeding the softer, ooey gooey me, with wide eyes open for hugs and gentle care from those who care in abundance for me. And thank you all mighty of energetic, Gods, Jesus for those who care for me with their all dimensional hugs and affection. It’s at these time when I am allowed to receive on a general level. & TBH, It’s amazing! ~ Life Is Only A Breath In And A Breath Out. Ahhhhh That’s It. Life Over. 

Thank You for watching. listening and allowing me to be in a place that is unusual. 

Care For all of you boundlessly! Xox 

“You can’t expect people to be able to see the truth, when they are constructed by lies”


Mom, my friend Kim’s father is abusive and hurts her badly. She has been in contact with her mom and grandma who live here in the same City but her dad keeps her from seeing her. Eben moves her around alot to stay one step ahead. You mentioned that you would like to see her with her mom rather than her father. She has saved money and has everything set to meet her mom at their attorney’s office. Would you take her? Oh no honey, that is something you, nor I can get involved with. That is none of our business. I wish there was something we could do to help. but there just isn’t.

I am allowed to testify that I have seen him hit and abuse her right? No. That is to much risk amongst other thing. We are not getting involved! Sweetheart, my best friend has an eating disorder and I don’t throw that around making it a conscious topic. Life is hard enough than to involve yourself in other peoples life problems. We live and let live and love  them for who they are, and be there when they need us!  

Raising children not to interfere in their friends personal life, or personal matters because; It’s none of our business, and far to much concern, or intentional involvement is frowned upon. 

This is just a fragment of the desensitisation that is bread into humans by people reclassifying humanity, a class of people without personal interest in (humanity) Human’Unity . 

“This is what I have to say that”, I am going to be there for my friend in all ways in all times, in all the way. And, I she ends up slowly dying from an eating disorder, I’m going to hit her with the truth, and fight for her all the way through; With her, whether she’s pissed, hysterical, thinks she hates me, Or Has NO DAMN CLUE WHY SHE’S MAD!.!  I will be the one who she thanks, and will always know that I will be there no matter what. At that point we will both reflect on how shallow you all raised us to be!

& Mom,, You might want to reconsider caring more!

Sincerely, Miss’UnderStood

“I don’t know much, but I understand a lot”.


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Author: Vanisha'Bella

Vanisha’Bella Izzarelli is a dynamic coach that inspires her clients to discover their own authentic reality. She guides them on a journey of acceptance, appreciation, and true peace using techniques that she has perfected over her own personal path and through years of mentoring. As a widow who survived the passing of several family members in a very short time period, Vanisha’Bella understands the realities of enduring true tragedy in life and then embracing the light beyond that. Her experiences have lead her to reach into the hardest parts of her clients’ experiences with true empathy. She is particularly skilled at deconstructing false walls and helping people move past their unhealthy defense mechanisms to embrace their (authentic reality) true self. To do this she developed a unique mirror image technique that guides clients to discovering, accepting, and embracing their whole self.

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