Olivia Hackford

Vanisha’Bella has blessed my life with immeasurable amounts of inspiration to be who I am. The year of 2009 I was alone, I felt like everyone was against me moving to a new town and all. Meeting Vanisha’s Daughter Helped me grow immensely. Vanisha has blessed my heart with so much joy and acceptance for the world. Vanisha being one of the closest family members in my life, and one of the best and genuine people I’ve ever met. I got talked down on everyday before i met them and let it just pass by, letting it affect me and all. now rolling into 2015 I’ve learned to step up for myself and other people that were in the same position as I was 6 years ago. Yes, children and adults still talk me down but I’ve got my bulletproof vest on that Vanisha and her family have helped me grow. I’m inspired by Vanisha’s eye of how she sees her surroundings and how she feels about the world and others around her. Having Vanisha in my life, Like i said has grown me a new kind of acceptance for my surroundings. Growing up how i grew up, i always have done what my parents have told me to do, i was always what my parents wanted me to be. Vanisha Helped me grow through the years and to notice the things around me how they were and that it’s okay to be different and not a copy of my parents. They still may not agree with who i am or who i choose to be but i’m happy with who i am and i’m working on being comfortable in my own skin. Vanisha gives open arms and has such a lavishing heart, She is an inspiration to everyone that she meets. She is a loving mother and a very important person in my life, She inspires me everyday with how much she does for others. In the past she has inspired me to be a new me, and accept myself and she still inspires me to this day about acceptance and all the opportunities i can achieve, She always sits me down and tells me how much she loves me and cares about me, and that’s enough to get me through the day, because she doesn’t have to. And how shes helped me grow now, i could never thank her enough for the person I am today, I’ve gone through so many struggles in the past years and having the support she’s given me to get through it all is really important and i think everyone needs something like that, Words of encouragement in their lives. – Olivia Hackford December 18 2014

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